Violation of Probation

If you are charged with a Violation of Probation, you might also be charged with Criminal Contempt. A Violation of Probation is a civil proceeding, but it arises when you do not abide by one or more of the conditions of your probation. Typically, if you are arrested and charged with a crime while you are on probation, your Probation Officer will violate you by filing a Violation of Probation Petition with the court that imposed the original sentence of probation.

There are other reasons you might be charged with violating probation. They include, among other things, failing to report to probation for meetings with your probation officer, failing to get a job, failing to abide by a curfew, drinking alcohol or doing poorly in school. It all depends on the terms and conditions of your probation.

If you are a sex offender and must abide by the terms and conditions of probation specific to sex offenders, it is likely that you will be violated if you are found to have gone to a shopping mall, a movie theatre or an amusement park, or if you refuse to undergo a polygraph (lie detector) examination or participate in sexual offender therapy.

If you are charged with a Violation of Probation or with Criminal Contempt for violating a Court Order, call Gribetz & Loewenberg for representation. We will use our best efforts to represent you before the Court. If you are found guilty of a Violation of Probation, the Court can impose the sentence that could have been imposed upon you at the time of your conviction, and in many cases, that could involve state prison. So contact Gribetz & Loewenberg so you can be vigorously represented.