• There are many things you must know about Driving While Intoxicated; call Gribetz & Loewenberg to represent you in court.

  • It is a serious situation if you have to appear in court in New York State.  The law firm of Gribetz & Loewenberg has extensive experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys and is your best choice for representation.

  • Being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated is serious.  Call Gribetz & Loewenberg to represent you in court. You rely on your driver’s license. We know the law. We will represent you zealously.

  • If you or someone you love has been arrested and is in jail, a call to Gribetz & Loewenberg is the smart choice. Our experience and knowledge will help you get the best possible disposition.

  • If you are charged with any Drug Offense, call Gribetz & Loewenberg to represent you in court. Having Gribetz & Loewenberg as your attorneys can make the difference in your future if you are facing a Drug charge.  Call us so we can get to work representing you immediately.


Gribetz & Loewenberg attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call our Emergency Hotline 845-634-9500 or use the Emergency Contact form at the bottom of every page.

Los abogados de Gribetz & Loewenberg estan disponible 24 horas al dia, 7 dias a la semana. Llame a nuestra Linea de Emergencia al 845-596-5507 para ayuda en Espanol.

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Our Clients Tell Us . . .

My son's case was complicated. They made it easy for me to understand and they kept me informed every step of the way.
They came to see me in jail so I could explain what happened. That was a big help so I could post bail and get out.
My call to the Emergency Hotline was returned in 5 minutes. And not by an answering service...by an Attorney!
My lawyers have a lot of experience. That made me comfortable, even in my bad situation.
When I was arrested, Debbie and Ken were kind, compassionate and good listeners as I told my story. I needed that supportiveness.
My wife got arrested for shoplifting in the mall. I was so upset. Meeting with the lawyers really calmed me down. Thank you so much!
My cousin only speaks Spanish. That was no problem; one of their investigators speaks Spanish too!
The DWI Intro Package is a really cool resource. There's so much information in there!
I had only been downloading music and videos. Then I got accused of sending out porn! I was so outraged. Gribetz & Loewenberg really helped me out.
I'm sure I wasn't speeding when the cop pulled me over. My first call was to Gribetz & Loewenberg.
The free consultation was really useful and helped me decide that Gribetz & Loewenberg is the firm I want to represent me.
My son got caught with drugs and my wife and I were scared to death. The attorneys were so nice and made us feel much better. We knew we had a path....

Arrested for Drunk Driving?

Get our free comprehensive DWI Intro Package that describes what you need to know about being charged with DWI. Forewarned is Forearmed! Gribetz & Loewenberg can help.

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