Sex Crimes

If you are charged with any sex offense, including rape, sexual abuse, forcible touching, sexual conduct against a child, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual act or predatory sexual assault, you need immediate legal representation. Most sex crimes are felonies, and are therefore very serious. Gribetz & Loewenberg has vast experience successfully representing defendants who have been charged with sexual offenses.

There are many consequences if you are not properly and aggressively represented by counsel like Gribetz & Loewenberg, should you be found guilty of a sexual offense. For instance, In New York, you will be required to register as a Sexual Offender under SORA (Sexual Offender Registration Act). You could be subject to very stringent conditions of probation which could involve curfews, attendance at group therapy sessions, taking polygraph (lie detector) tests, and prohibitions of going to malls, movie theatres, zoos and other places where children are present.

Know your rights and know what defenses, if any, are available to you if you are charged with a sexual offense or a sex crime. Call Gribetz & Loewenberg and we will start to vigorously defend you today.