If you are charged with Harassment, there are certain things you should know.

If you are charged with the simple violation of Harassment, you are not being charged with a crime. But it is a serious charge because even though Harassment is a violation of the Penal Law and, if convicted, you will not have a criminal record, it can result in a sentence that requires you to serve time in the local jail.

There are enhanced Harassment charges that are classified as both misdemeanors (Aggravated Harassment in the First and Second Degrees) and felonies (Aggravated Harassment in the First Degree).  Convictions of any of these enhanced Harassment charges will result in a criminal record.

That’s why you need to know your rights and your rights have to be protected. Gribetz & Loewenberg, PLLC can explain the law to you and help protect your rights in court.  Call us today at 845-634-9500 if you or your loved one has been arrested for Harassment.